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Women players explaining football rules

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Level: Deployed
Reference: Balon Mundial
Year: 2016

Why football, cars and hills should be related? If you remember last year Lancia, car society, explained the yellow card (and other rules of football) to women with statements like this: "When your friend shows up to get out dressed like you." So if you're a woman then you can understand the rules of football if the explanation corcerns shopping, clothes or other "female" things. No need to give the same explanations to men because they are supposed to know all the rules already. This is the reason why we decided to ask to our women players to easily explain the rules of football in front of our cameras. We recorded in short videos their answers and none of them made an example comparing football to shopping, clothes or shoes.


Our video were watched 346 times and we had the opportunity to talk to the people about them. We started our anti-gender-discrimination campaign.

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