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Trdno stoj! Spregovori! (Stand firmly! Speak up!)

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Level: Deployed
Reference: Ministry of Education, Science and Sports
Year: 2016

Event was organised for students who stand out in the field of sport and many speakers talked about two main themes, importance of tolerance towards diversity (sidability, skin color, gender, religion, …) and fight against bullying (general bullying, peer bullying and bullying in sport). Speakers on event were very diverse, Minister of Education, Science and Sport, president of Slovenia, sports philosopher. Role models for young people (Slovenian professional athletes, musicians and dancers) also participated with their own experiences and stories about bullying. Main speaker was motivator Nick Vujičić  who talked about ups and downs in life, importance of perseverance, fight against bullying and tolerance towards diversity.



Students of last triad of primary school and secondary school students, which stand out in the field of sport, according to sports educators.



Around 3000 young people participated in event and they concluded it with collected oath that they will no longer tolerate violence on their schools. Event was live broadcasted on the first chanel of TV Slovenia and via internet. 



Ministry of Education, Science and Sports and Institute for Education in cooperation with Association Live the life (društvo Zaživi življenje) and Slovenian Railways.



Ministry of Education, Science and Sports collaborated with Slovenian Railways who organised free transport of registered participants with a special motivation tran on route Ljubljana - Koper - Ljubljana.

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