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The "Sport with Muslim girls and young women" project

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Contact with the target group of Muslim girls was made by searching out meeting places and facilities where the girls and young women congregated, e.g. schools, children and youth organisations, cultural associations, etc., but also mosques. The mosque is an important community oriented space in which the girls receive Quran lessons, sing, and celebrate together, thus the idea developed to initiate sport programmes within a mosque as it represents a living environment already possessing the trust of the parents. In such a way, a condition allowing the girls’ participation in sport programmes has been fulfilled. A cross-cultural project team was formed for the planning and monitoring of the project, consisting of representatives from the mosque, the advice centre for inclusion and migration issues and the sport club. Spaces were made available in the mosque for a regular sport programme, taking place in various groups after the Saturday Quran lessons. An average of 12 girls participated in each of the sport programmes. Initially, beside gymnastic warm-up exercises and self defence techniques, body awareness was placed in the foreground. Later, programmes in dance, fitness and strength training were added. The programmes were taught by various trainers with Turkish migration backgrounds. Alongside the cooperation partners and consultants the girls and young women themselves were involved in the planning of the movement courses, by means of surveys, for example.



Migrants, women



Representatives from the mosque, the advice centre for inclusion and migration issues, and the sport club, trainers with Turkish migration backgrounds.

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