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Premier League Girls Football

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Reference: Premier League Girls Football
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Clubs deliver innovative sessions such as glow in the dark football to emphasise the fun, social element of the sport and soccercise that uses football as way to keep fit.For participants who want to progress in the game clubs create pathways with local community clubs to provide long term participation opportunities, whilst many clubs also deliver elements of the female talent pathway.
The programme has two main objectives:
• To increase the number of women and girls playing football on a regular basis
• To increase the opportunities for women and girls to develop skills and confidence and progress within the pathway as a player, coach or official
The programme culminates in an annual event held prior to the Women’s FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium providing young people the opportunity to represent their club and meet new people.



Girls age 11+



Nearly 9,000 girls have been engaged in the PL Girls Football programme since August 2015 at around 90 professional
football clusb.



90 professional football clubs. 


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