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More Female Migrants in Sport

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Level: Deployed
Reference: DRPD
Year: 2008-2011

Since 1989 DOSB supported a programme focusing on integration through sport. An evaluation of the programme completed in 2009 found that migrant girls and women were under-represented. The More Female Migrants in Sport programme was therefore created with the aim of involving and integrating more female migrants into sport clubs. The programme aims to provide better access for women to become physically active and join sport clubs. A key feature of the programme’s approach is networking with different local partners and public authorities. Additional, non-sport components are offered alongside the sport activities with the aim of promoting social and professional competences, for example: swimming for young girls is combined with homework tutoring; gymnastics for elderly female immigrants is linked to a computer course to learn how to use the internet; etc. A related objective is to build sustainable cooperation between the participants and public authorities.



Migrant and ethnic minority girls and women from all over Germany.



A conference paper concludes that the various combined offers reached female immigrants and supported them in developing selfempowerment, which has lead to more participation and social inclusion. The paper also concludes that the programme had led to an increase of sport projects for female migrants, in various
cities in Germany.



A strong multi-level network with strong
partnerships (e.g., sport federations, local authorities, sport
clubs, schools).



Relatively large funding is the strengths of this project. Each state sport federation had to work together with at least three sport clubs and implement nine offers.

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