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Kicking Girls: Easy access to girls

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Level: Deployed
Reference: DRPD

Kicking Girls project exists in various schools in urban quarters with high proportions of migrant youth. The schools, in cooperation with nearby cooperation clubs, provide so-called girl’s working groups (Arbeitsgemeinschaften) in the school and the coaches are mostly female members of the club involved. The girls acquire the basics of football and develop an enjoyment of the game in a “protected environment”. In this way, through the girls’ football working groups, it is possible to reach, inspire and involve girls with a migrant background. In addition to expanding their profiles with the inclusion of girls’ football programmes, the schools also combine the hope of improving their extra-curricular range. With the cooperation with the school, the club aims to establish an attractive option for girls in order to attract new members and potential talent.



Women, migrants.



Many girls show an interest in the participation in the working groups. Girls can apply for becoming football coaching assistants who are then trained in the working groups in schools as well as in the clubs. They can also get involved in the planning and organisation of school competitions and tournaments. In a second step, the girls take on the independent leadership of practice groups.



Schools, clubs, female coaches.


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