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Level: Deployed
Reference: DRPD
Year: On going

The programme is targeting migrants and members of the Spanish community who are socially disadvantaged. The objectives of the project it to facilitate social inclusion of the migrants through different activities, including; sport, Spanish courses, cultural workshops and other activities. This wide range of activities allows the migrants to integrate into the local community and prevent possible exclusion from locals, allowing for peaceful coexistence. To increase participation and improve integration migrants were advised to invite friends and schoolmates, further helping to remove differences between immigrants and locals. This group of participants are then able to form close friendships through the
programme and sport and various other activities.



Migrant youths aged between 5-19 years old with a focus on women.



The programme improved social development for over 430 migrants involved. It also educated them on different cultures, integrating them into the local community. The programme is ongoing and participation keeps increasing.  It allows members to generate new friends removing differences between the immigrants and locals. It encouraged participants to promote their local culture through traditional games, meals and more. There were some small barriers due to beliefs and language. A lack of facilities made it difficult to cater for large numbers. The success was due to the willingness to improve social inclusion and the facilitators ability to provide entertaining integrating activities for anyone interested in participating.



Local community, friends ans schoolmates.



The programme was funded by the National Ministry and regional governments of Cuenca.


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