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Veter v laseh - Wind in the hair

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Level: Deployed
Reference: Sport Union Slovenia
Year: 1994 - 2017

Every year from April to November, there are over 20 thousand children and adolescents united in more than 70 events with sport program that includes a variety of sports animations, polygons and games. In addition to the sports venues will also take place accompanying creative activities, under which its programs are presented to local sports, health, cultural and other non-governmental organizations. Aim of activities is to expand the love for the sport and the circle regularly active with emphasis on the integration of those who are less active in sport, while increasing the awareness of young people about the positive effects of a healthy and active lifestyle.



Sport Union Slovenia in collaboration with local organisations, associations and groups who co-create activities and contribute with proposals and initiatives.



Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Fundation for Sports, Health Insurance Institut Slovenia

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