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BALON MUNDIAL - Football Wolrd Cup of migrants communities

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Level: Deployed
Reference: Balon Mundial
Year: 2007-2017

“Balon Mundial – football wolrd cup of migrants communities” is a football tournmentl based on the Official Football World Cup format. The participating teams are representative of migrant communities living in the territory. The idea behind the initiative is to show  to the citizens, the migrant world that lives the city, highlighting its culture. The national team partecipating to the tournament will show some typical and symbolic features, language, flag, dances. The participating athletes (800 men, 200 women) play on weekends, creating a unique meeting space with over 35 nationalities represented. The event that last almost 2 months it's not only a football tournament but also a big party (with around music and food events from all over the world), it's a meeting point of many different cultures, where football unites all tackles prejudices and discriminations. In 2017 will be held the XI edition.



Creation of intercultural relationships, promoting fair play, promotion of migrant cultures, strengthening of migrant communities, creation of new communities with newly arrived migrants on the territory (from 2011 we added nine new teams of refugees and asylum seekers in the tournament), creation of sports associations of migrants, support to the creation of a sports management representative of migrant communities, enhancement of women's football, support in the growth of positive leaders.



Patronage of the City of Turin, Patronage Regione Piemonte, patronage F.A.R.E. NETWORK in collaboration with UISP Turin.

Network with migrant communities in the territory



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