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Balon Mundial – football communities

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Level: Deployed
Reference: Balon Mundial
Year: 2017

Balon Mundial - football communities, is a qualification football tournment for Balon Mundial. The players are all refugees and asylum seekers living in shelters in Turin. The idea behind the tournament is the creation of networks, friendships and networks for refugees and asylum seekers, often isolated within their homes and with no relationships in the area. The tournament it's an opportunity to meet other teams, around the field there are stands with associations of migrants already living in the area and communities most represented within the teams. The idea is to promote social inclusion through football and foster integration thanks to peer to peer relations.



Refugees , asylum seeker.



In April 2017 will be held the first edition. Expected results: meeting and creating new relationships , distribution of information about the status of asylum seekers and migrants , encounter of refugees and asylum seekers with resident migrant communities.



Refugee shelters located in Turin, patronage of the City of Turin, patronage of Regione Piemonte, migrants communities living in Turin

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