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Balon Mundial 2016 tournament - Evaluation

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Level: Deployed
Reference: Balon Mundial
Year: 2016

Balon Mundial tournament takes place in Turin since the summer of 2007. It is an extremely complex event that gathers every year more than 1,000 people between football teams players, coaches and managers.
The evaluation involved those who attended the 2016 edition. Balon Mundial organized four focus groups (from now on FG) with:
- team representatives: football teams managers, coaches and captains (2 meetings);
- A.S.D. Balon Mundial Onlus staff members (2 meetings);
- UISP (Italian Union Sport for All) referees who refereed the matches during the tournament (1 meeting);
- volunteers who gave their support during the tournament (1 meeting).
All FG contents were planned by the head of the evaluation together with each of the area managers: volunteers coordinator, sport area coordinators, the chief of A.S.D. Balon Mundial Onlus staff and the UISP (Italian Union Sport for All) football area coordinator. All FG received the contribution of staff members through ideas and suggestions during the planning phase. Three staff members also contributed actively, running FG in order to allow the head of the evaluation a better recording activity.
During the FG, participants were asked to:
- give a definition of Balon Mundial according to their ideas, impressions, experience and share them with the rest of the participants in the FG (brainstorming activity);
- name three positive and three negative aspects of the tournament and share them with the rest of the participants in the FG. A particular focus was put on the negative aspects, the participants were asked to propose possible solutions or to give ideas and suggestions to solve problems;
- answer a questionnaire focused on: 1) reasons for participation in the tournament; 2) stay during the tournament after football matches; 3) football teams needs/requests related to the period before the tournament (training period of the teams) and during the tournament. Volunteers and referees needs during the tournament; 4) ideas/suggestions.
The results were collected in a report divided into sections, each section pertaining to the group that participated in the evaluation. The results of the evaluation with the football teams were presented to the sport area coordinators and taken into account for the update of the Balon Mundial 2017 Sporting Regulations. The results of the evaluation with the teams will also be presented at the annual meeting of the teams before Balon Mundial 2017.



Balon Mundial 2016 tournament participants:
- team representatives
- A.S.D. Balon Mundial Onlus staff members
- referees
- volunteers



The objective of evaluating the Balon Mundial 2016 tournament was both learn more about the event itself collecting ideas, opinions, strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of the participants (A.S. D. Balon Mundial Onlus staff included) and to improve the 2017 edition.
The meeting with representatives of all groups who attended the event made it possible to:
- show the staff other points of view about the tournament;
- learn more about their ideas and needs;
- stay in touch throughout the year;
- increase the sense of participation and involvement in the event.



UISP - Italian Union Sport for All;
GxT - Giovani per Torino: the youth civic volunteer project, promoted and managed by the City of Turin;
UEFA Foundation for Children.



UEFA Foundation for Children grant.

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