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Nuovi Orizzonti

Nuovi Orizzonti

Nuovi Orizzonti is a non profit organization founded by Chiara Amirante. Furthermore, Nuovi Orizzonti could be defined an International community because it spread in many countries, achieving the following results:

  • 210 Reception, training and guidance centres
  • 973 Social workers
  • 6 Cittadelle Cielo (special centres for people with addictions or vulnerabilities)

N.O. is aimed at carrying out solidarity activities addressed at preventing social exclusion/marginalization at all stages. N.O. focuses in particular on youth at risk of social exclusion and on people with any sort of addiction (e.g. drug, alcohol, gambling, etc).

N.O. works also on innovative methods of intervention to be applied to rehabilitation program. N.O. social workers aim is to approach the marginalized/excluded people through what one could define an holistic approach. In other words, fostering the comprehension and adoption of values such as solidarity, sharing, spirituality to better address the personal growth.

Lots of young people choose to become volunteer in N.O. They aim at helping people either to deepen the awareness of their skills and competences, to strengthen their self-confidence and to find out their talent.


Cittadella Cielo project has been thought and implemented to set training centres for youngsters. Tutors, psychologists and pedagogues are trained in the training centres using blanded techniques and the support of seminars , workshops and lessons in order to better support needy people.

So far several Cittadella Cielo were built:

  • Frosinone (Italy);
  • Belluno (Italy);
  • San Miniato (Italy);
  • Fortaleza (Brazil)
  • Quixadà (Brazil);