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Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo Mesto

Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo Mesto

Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo mesto aims to establish conditions for more equal inclusion of alienated groups into society, targeting socially excluded girls and adults (Roma and migrants). It is based on an efficient connection of social work with culture, and the active inclusion of local majority population in the process.

Improving Adequate Skills And Self-Confidence:

  • Daily Centers for children: Daily canter for Children, Daily Centre for Roma Children in Roma settlements Šmihel and Brezje (Creative workshops, social workshops, Slovene language course, individual study help, leisure activities, the use of computer as a learning tool, folklore group, theatre group…)
  • Educational program for adults (Roma and migrants): Slovene language and culture courses, lectures and workshops on labor market, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, illness, birth control etc.), counseling and advocacy
  • Organizational help at self-organizing into associations.

Promoting Cultural Identity:

  • Social, educational and cultural exchanges with partners from home countries of minorities (international cooperation in the South-Eastern Europe).
  • Transfer of knowledge and experience onto partner organizations.

Awareness Raising Among Majority Population:

  • Round tables, workshops on human rights, seminars and trainings, concerts, performances, celebrations, non-formal meetings with members of ethnic minorities, radio and TV broadcasts, promotional film, booklets, public calls for best essay/slogan, etc.

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