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GIIG Round table discussion

GIIG Round table discussion

A very important round table discussion took place on June 22nd at Cassino University.

Participants were all expert of Italian sport organizations and the main topic inclusion theme through the sport:

  • Loriana Castellani, Director of Human, Social end Health Science  Department  of Cassino University,
  • Antonio Borgogni, motor skill science teacher at the University
  • Riccardo Viola, Regional President of CONI Lazio
  • Damiano Lembo, President of US ACLI
  • Simone Digennaro, Motor Skills Science teacher at the University 
  • Filippo Diaco, Counselor at US ACLI with special focus on immigration policy
  • Luigi Pietroluongo, Sociologist and immigration and social emargination expert
  • Paolo Brigo, GIIG Project Manager
  • Gianrico Rossi, Regional President of US ACLI Lazio and  of President ACLI Frosinone
  • Marco Aresti, Rehabilitative Activities Coordinator at Psychiatric Istitute Basaglia in Frosinone.

 An interesting outcome of the event was the understanding of how, on the common ground of sports, GIIG Project is able to fully engage  a broad spectrum of social activities, both on the academic and the physical/rehabilitation aspect.

The project reaffirms its strong commitment to do networking and to get in touch the more possible with the pockets of the social exclusion, all aiming at pursuing an  joint effort towards the successful development of GIIG Project.

 This new addition to the GIIG Project awaits you to take part and have a taste of Giig events.

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